Knowing little about who you are and what you were doing, you must learn to survive the harsh environment of the planet. Searching for resources in order to survive, you stumble upon aged signs of civilization and you discover you are destined for much more than just survival.


Destyned is an immersive adventure and survival experience. Set on the planet Agerus you must discover why you were stranded alone. Along your journey you will obtain several skills in combat, crafting and exploration. You will need to exercise those skills as you explore, defeating evolved predators or sneaking by other player, you will be tested.


  • Open World – Explore the vast reaches of Destyned from one side of the planet to the next with no limits.
  • Day/Night Cycle – Environmental changes every few hours dictate how the player should approach a situation. At night your much colder and move slower, while in the day you have a limited range of movement before needing your next drink of water.
  • Crafting – Survival is all about learning how to craft new weapons, build shelters and hunt for food. You will discover new crafting schematics along your journey.
  • Be the Hero - Destyned features RPG elements that let you develop the protagonist and adjust him to your play style. It’s a long and difficult journey from rookie to badass.
  • Brutal Punishment – We believe playing recklessly should cost something. You will soon discover it pays to think before you leap. You also need to practice your skills in order to maintain them.
  • No Limits – Why place a level cap when we do such a good job of punishing players? Hone your skills to whatever level you want.
State:Pre-Alpha / Active Development
Location:Spokane Valley, WA
Steam URL:To Be Determined
Game Type:First person, singleplayer, multiplayer, survival, sandbox
Platforms:Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
Regular Price:To Be Determined

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