2015 Annual Report

It's been a long year, and lots of work preparing for the first Pre-Alpha release of Destyned. We've managed to bring on some amazing new talent locally and remotely which has streamlined production.

While we still enjoy the process of learning everything involved in game development, it has proved to be much more work than we anticipated. However it only feeds our excitement and devotion to the game. All the hard work will show at our first unveiling spring 2016.

With plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign early 2016, we'll be starting a closed alpha with access passes granted to KS contributors. Our goal is to keep our staff paid and to produce what we hope will be the new trend in the Open-World Sandbox RPG game genre.

We hope the response for our first public appearance proves our idea is worth being excited and invested. Being avid gamers ourselves, we push for something new, exciting and even challenging for everyone to enjoy.

We look forward to hearing from our players and backers,

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Author: Aerryx Dev TeamDec 31, 2015